Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sweet Brie

From the moment we arrived on the farm it was love at first sight.  Brie did NOT leave our side and even tried to get on the bus to come home with us.   He is the sweetest dog ever.   At first I was worried our children who fear dogs would have a major issue with him.    He runs full steam at you…but he doesn’t jump up – he does this!
Brie is gentle and loving.   As you can see the children adored him!

He seemed to love our girls the most.  It was precious to watch and capture!
Last Saturday at the end of picking blueberries Brie just wanted to lay in the cool grass.  Well, our *Laura Ingalls* loved that idea and they were so cute together. 
Even our son with the most fear of dogs enjoyed spending time with Brie!

This is just a sample of how many blueberries we picked.  Each bucket below weighed over 20#
I hope you are enjoying a peak into our summer days – we are having a blast!   More to come! 

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