Thursday, July 7, 2011

Week 26 good to WOW {Edit}

Welcome back! Today, we will be linking up with Ashley for her editing tutorial.


I loved these shots as SOOC and gave them a small boost in LR2 with my presets. 




And just in case you were worried she didn’t get to eat them right away….

     rwb-pancake-5822 rwb-pancake-5823

And now for our littlest swimmer – she is one happy girl in the pool – especially when she is high above it!  I know a few of these are not in perfect focus but the moments were too awesome not to catch just as they happened!


                                 ni-swim-5830 ni-swim-5868

                                  ni-swim-5860 ni-swim-5866


I’ll be back later today with some more of these two together.   Oh how their love and bond warm my heart in a way words can’t do justice!

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