Thursday, July 28, 2011

Week 29 good to WOW {Edit}

Welcome back! Today, we will be linking up with Ashley for her editing tutorial.


I already shared many shots of this cutie on Tuesday but here is the final edit of my SOOC from Monday.   I basically ran a very quick preset of mine in LR3 and fell in love!    Doesn’t hurt that the morning light was perfect and she looked too cute for words!


And I love this edit in B&W…what do you think?


If you have not joined our good to WOW SOOC flickr group yet – please do – it is a great place to host your photo and allow everyone to easily see them and give cc (constructive criticism) – which at this point we all want to push us to grow even more in our photography skills.   The better your SOOC – the more options you have with editing – how much or even NOT to edit the photo at all.

Last week Ashley started our good to WOW  Edit group – please take a moment and join that as well!  

Have a blessed day! 

1 comment:

  1. Ahhh... I really couldn't see how you would make that bathing beauty even better, but you did! LOL the SOOC is gorgeous the edit just screams SUMMER. Awesome. I do love the B&W photo, you all look so happy.


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