Friday, July 8, 2011

Wrapped in love…

There is something so special about a child who thinks deeply about the things you say and do with them.   When a child looks at the world with more than just wonder but with awe -  it blesses you and causes you to stop and do the same.  For that I am thankful and this one constantly wraps me up in her love and His!



Like me when I was her age – no matter how warm it was outside or in the pool I was freezing.  She is the first one out and getting warmed up before going back in…



I can’t decide which one of these I prefer –the right exposure or the slightly overexposed…how about you?



Thank You God for the gift of children who seek You with their whole hearts and want to know You – not because of anything we do but because of everything they have seen You DO!  Thank You for how You use them to grow me and trust You more.   I am truly the luckiest mom to have their love!

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