Sunday, August 7, 2011

Be Still SONday

I started walking 2-3 miles a day two weeks ago.   While walking I put on my mp3 player and allow my whole mind to focus on praising God.   Lately, I play the song Who am I by the Casting Crowns.   If you haven’t heard it before you can go here.

When I take photographs of nature I am so reminded that I am so tiny in this great big world and that even though in that aspect I am so insignificant – to Him I am extremely SIGNIFICANT.    God took such great care in every detail of nature and the creation of each of us.  Forming us so perfectly in our mothers wombs.  He knows every hair upon our heads.   He knows the choices we will make and how yielded (submissive) we will be to His plans.   He knows the number of our days.   He knows each one of us by name. 


There isn’t a detail of your life that He doesn’t know intimately.   There is nothing that slips through His hands.  Not a moment of your life is a mistake – every detail that you have endured is a for a greater purpose – one you may never understand until the day you meet Him face to face.   There are things here on earth that truly don’t make sense to our human minds and we can get lost in asking the question “why?”  


But doing that becomes a futile and vicious cycle – because if we knew all the details of our lives somehow, some way we would mess it up.   We truly couldn’t handle the entire story of our lives.  We couldn’t handle knowing all that is coming to us.   We would od everything in our power to change the things we didn’t like or want.   Which would mess things up in ways that would have rippling effects for years or worse generations.


Walking through many hard seasons the last five years I can tell you that I have yielded and I have fought.   The result of fighting never turned out good.   The blessings that came when I obeyed are still being shown to me.   God is beyond gracious and His love has no bounds.   No matter how many times I may try it on my own – He is always calling me back to Him.    When I can’t see Him in the trial I am facing – it doesn’t take Him long to show Himself to me in the creation all around me.    He brought a rainbow that ended on our driveway after dealing with weeks of the craziest bug infestation in our home right after moving.   He wanted us to remember our hope is in Him and His promises that are always true and He is faithful to always complete the good work He has started.   You can count on that.   Always!

Here is another one of my favorite walking songs – click here to listen and be blessed!  

Tomorrow is our 31st week of good to WOW SOOC and the theme/prompt is TURN ON THE HOSE!    I’m so excited to share my photos with you this week!   Blessings to you all!

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