Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dog Days

I take my hat off to all pet photographers.  They sure make it look easy!   But I know from experience that it never is as it appears when it comes to excellent photos.  It takes work and skill.   Now, with that said I tried my best to put all of my knowledge and skill to work, when our precious prince was laying next to a shadow with the perfect sun on him.   Last week our theme for the good to WOW SOOC challenge was shadows, and I wanted to get in more practice.  I was thankful that he played along for a little bit.   Notice I said played along!  Not cooperated.  he he he!   Prince Caspian is our house pet not a model, and well, he lacks a bit in the obedience department.   When I called his name he would either look the other way or come to give me kisses.  Smile


Doesn’t he look like he is about to tell me something or is laughing at me?


Recently, I noticed that many photography blogs and sites were sharing tips on how to capture the best pet portraits, and I tried many of them during this mini-session.   Get down on their level was one of my favorite tips!  I love the next series of him…



His favorite place to be is wherever our oldest daughter is.   So when she came into the room he quickly left the spot above and nestled in close to her.   Which happened to work rather well for me – he stayed put a bit longer Smile


I loved taking photos of him and am very pleased with how they turned out.   I know our children will love having one of these in their rooms Smile   Tomorrow I will share the rest of the series – they are all in B&W.   Until, then be blessed and be a blessing to someone today!

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