Thursday, December 22, 2011

25 Days of Christmas–Day 22

Silent night.
Holy night.
All is calm.
All is bright.
By now you are hearing the music in your head and singing along with me.
It is one of my all time favorite Christmas songs.  I like to listen to it all year long.   It is such a peaceful song and helps me to remember the blessing of His birth.  
Sometimes I struggle to truly imagine the moments leading up to Mary delivering Jesus.   Think about how tired she was.   How hungry she must have been after traveling for days to Bethlehem.   How much pain she was in by the time they arrived from riding on the back of a donkey.   What were her thoughts?   Did she truly realize the depth of God’s gift upon her life?  To carry the Savior of the world.   Can you even imagine?   I can’t.
For years now I have been writing Be Still SONday posts.   Why?   Because it is in complete reverence of God and the gift that He gave to me the moment I turned my heart over to Him. 
Oh to know Him and the depth, power and unending love He has for us! 
To be still before Him.
To know and grasp His holiness.
To know and enjoy His peace.
To know and be filled to over flowing with His love.
To know and be joyful despite all that life brings before us.
Silent night.
Holy night.
All is calm.
All is bright.
He is a lamp unto our feet.
He is our guiding light in a raging storm.
He is our strength.
He is our comfort.
He is our hope.
He is our rock and shield.
He is mighty to save.
He is!
Do you have faith in that today?
Are you able to be still before Him and trust Him with all that you face today?
Are you being still during this season and allowing Him to overflow you with His grace and love?
Be holy as I AM holy.
That can’t happen unless you are willing to be still and do as He asks – before and above what you want.
Father, it is only three days before we celebrate the magnificent birth of Your Son and our Savior.  Help us to allow You into all the deep dark places in our heart and cleanse us completely of everything that holds us back from doing Your will above our own.   God, we know You desire to be our all in all.  Help us to allow You to do just that.  God, for those who struggle to believe in You and to truly know all that I have been sharing the last month – please Father, call to them and draw them close to You – as only You can.   I ask all of this in Jesus’ most precious and holy name!  AMEN!
Friends, I pray you are spending time on eternal things and keeping your heart so tender towards Him each and every single day!   Remember Hebrews 3:7-8.   

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