Saturday, December 31, 2011

Celebration | 5 is all the JIVE!

I took him outside – just the two of us.   But before we knew it – she joined us and couldn’t resist grabbing him tight!

She has his heart.   He adores her.   He looks up to her.   He makes her giggle just as much as he makes her want to scream.   He brings out the little girl in her and gives her plenty of reasons to laugh out loud – HARD!   Together, they melt my heart…


Oh how I love backlit photos – yummy and the bokeh, OH MY!!!!  

Again, these are sooc – shot with my 100mm 2.8L (still my favorite lens)!







Ok, enough of this serious stuff – these two were in a funny mood together and I was so glad to capture it!   We brought out on of my favorite props and they did a fabulous job with them!






HA HA HA!  Oh my, I love these shots!  I hope they made you smile too!

Later today, you will see the shots of me with him – I handed my camera over to Lexi and I can’t thank her enough for capturing what she did for me.   Little man you stole my heart today!

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