Friday, December 30, 2011

Celebration | He turned 5!

I will never forget the day he was born.   We were waiting for the phone call that he arrived.   I guessed Christmas day and I missed by only 1 hour.   He was born early in the morning the very next day.   He was small, yet he was determined from the start to make his presence known.   He is small for his age still and his personality has not changed one bit.   This little boy steals your heart from the moment he smiles at you through his two front teeth.   He is a cuddler and the best warming blanket around!  He is a boy of few words.  Yet, when he speaks it is full of his heart – from what he wants, needs, or prays about.   

Today, I took him outside after much begging on his part to finally take his photos in the green shirt that I bought for him a month ago – perfect to capture this special day!


The lighting was gorgeous today right after lunch and he was in the perfect mood for our time together.   Every shot of him is straight out of my camera and I love them so.   Many from this session(that you will see over the next few days) will be hung in my studio and his room!







Next up, sweet giggles with his oldest sister!   Oh my – melt my heart!!!!  I will cherish these for years to come!

Happy 5th Birthday sweet boy – you are loved, cherished, adored and we thank God for you in our lives!

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