Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Newborn Photographer | Sibling Lovin’

What could be sweeter than a newborn?  

A newborn being loved on by his siblings, of course!  

Especially when they are this CUTE!!!!!!  

Get ready for some serious cuteness - overload!

The baby of the family is now the “big” brother, and he surprised all of us by loving on his little brother long enough for me to capture each of these precious moments!  


These two boys are going to be best of friends!  I just know it!   Can’t you see the above storyboard in his room over the changing table?  


This next shot just makes me SMILE!!!! Smile BIG!


I am thinking this next one needs to be a huge canvas in the baby’s room!   Sigh…♥ it!!!!!


Or this one!!!  Smile


I hope you are smiling now and filled up with their sweetness and lots of lovin’!!!!

Wishing you all a blessed Tuesday!   More newborn sweetness coming up!

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