Monday, February 6, 2012

An Update Worth Sharing

Six months ago I embarked on a new health journey.   I didn’t know what to expect or how to truly go about all the changes that were asked of me.   Yet, I took each step one day at a time, praying that I would see even just a small change during my hair analysis retest.


Well, I’m thrilled to report there were some major changes for the better!   Minor changes too – all for the good.

My body is slowly catching up to what is going on internally and I am truly on my way to reclaiming my health.  

A big change that I have noticed is that within the first few days of exercising again, my body began to sweat – very easily and quickly.

This is a HUGE change for me personally.  If I wasn’t in a 2 hour dance class with 20 other dancers or walking in the heat of the summer, I didn’t sweat.   Not one drop.  Maybe above my lip.   But no where else. 

Sweating allows the body to release toxins…which helps the body cleanse itself from the inside out.

Some changes that I don’t like but are par for the course with how long my adrenals have been taxed; is early menopause.   All the women reading this over 47 know how uncomfortable that is to go through.   Well, I turned 44 today and have been dealing with these symptoms since I was 29.   All because my adrenals don’t function correctly.  

The plan is in two years my adrenals will begin to work correctly and some of my feminine issues will begin to subside.  Menopause will be almost done and I will begin to feel “normal” physically.   No matter whether that plan pans out how I hope or not, I’m just thrilled to know there is a light at the end of the tunnel for my adrenals to work correctly. 

I continue to enjoy eating organic grass fed animal protein and actually crave it now.  I still eat tons of fresh organic vegetables daily. We as a family remain GF (gluten free) and DF (dairy free).  My diet is full of wonderful additions and new recipes.  I mean to share them but can’t seem to find the time to type them out for you.   Many recipes that I love are right here on my Pinterest board.



  1. I am over joyed for you that your body is healing, and you are well on your way to reclaiming your health! I will continue praying for you as you take steps each day on this journey toward complete wellness. I pray the year ahead of you is full of God's perfect peace and overwhelming joy! Happy Birthday, my friend!!! May God richly bless you in all things!!!!!

    All my Love,


  2. I'm thrilled for you, Jill! I'm praying for continued healing for you. Your Pinterest food board always makes me hungry! :) Happy Birthday!

  3. That is amazing! I am glad to hear of your good report! God Bless!


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