Friday, February 17, 2012

My Style | Boots Made for Walking

It is interesting to see what color combos I pick out each day.   I have found that I love neutral colors the most.   However, next week I will share with you that I love to break my own color combo rules and have some fun.   But you will just have to wait until next week for that.  Sorry Open-mouthed smile

But this post is really about my awesome new black boots.   Oh my, are they comfortable and cute!  Don’t you think?



And just because I absolutely love B&W so much better…


Who else is loving riding boots this year?  I am so glad they are back in style.    One of the best parts of doing these posts each week is that they force me to be in front of the camera.   Which helps me be a better photographer, and ensures our children will have photos of me (and my hubby can enjoy a few along the way too!).   I challenge you to put outfits together that you love and get in front of the camera this week.   Let’s see what outfits bring out your inner smile! 

Have a blessed weekend!   Make every moment count and capture them!


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