Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What is? | N. Virginia Photographer

Soft, red, white, adorable, warm, cuddly, and loves to give kisses?

I’ll give you one clue…


Scroll down….


Wait for it…he he he!






SHHHH- he is a secret from the kids!  If you see them in the next two weeks PLEASE do NOT say anything!   Thanks Winking smile

When he comes home in two weeks he will be sans bows.  Smile  I can’t wait to get puppy kisses from him!!!




Isn’t he the cutest puppy ever?    He is a maltipoo (maltese/poodle mix) and his coloring is red, which is very rare.  I love his white markings too.    I have wanted to name our next dog (well my dog) Charlie for years.  I was THRILLED that his name is already Charlie!!!  When he comes home he will be used to it.  

Get ready for some adorable photos of our newest family member!   I can’t wait for Caspian to meet him.   He saw a video of puppies just like him and went crazy.   Now he keeps coming to my desk and looking under it for the puppies.   Ha ha ha! 

Have a blessed day!


PS If you are looking for a loving breeder – check out where Charlie is coming home from.

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