Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wonderful Word Wednesday

Well, hello February!   It is amazing to be meeting you in this way…all warm and sunny.   I am forever grateful you have arrived with such gentleness and pray you will allow me to play in your warmth a little longer.   Sincerely, your almost birthday girl!

Now onto what is really on my mind…

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Oh how I have much to share about this quote.   I’m being touched to the core of my being as I read a book all about freedom and what it means to live a content life.   Prepare your hearts to walk with me through this awesome revelation.   It will surely take all that you have to resist the beauty that awaits you.

My deepest prayer for all of us is to live out the beautiful life we have been given in peace, joy, and LOVE.   Love covers a multitude of sins and washes away things that try to hold us back from being all that we were created to be.  

Blessed Wednesday precious friends!


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