Monday, March 26, 2012

Annapolis Fix | N. Virginia Photographer

Weeks of planning and weather that was way warmer than usual for March – ended with rain, cooler temps and some of the sweetest shots I have captured in a while.   Not to mention LOTS of laughter, friendships being built, and new goals made for our group.   It is exciting to be hosting events with like-minded people who get my passion for this craft, our industry, and helping others.   It is refreshing to give back what I have desired to share for months now with others eager to embrace it!    It being all things photography.  


Wet and cold, Lexi still had a smile on her face – not to mention ready to capture more of our beautiful couples!



I am so blessed meeting each one of the photographers and make-up artists that came out.  A big shout out and thank you must go to Belle Soeur for doing a great job on hair and make-up!


Saturday, we faced the rain and found the most delicious light despite what one might think of a rainy day.    Lexi and I looked around the property we were meeting at and inside the garage I found it…light so pretty I couldn’t wait to begin photographing our couples.   As you can see in the shots above (behind the scenes) we worked to keep our couples covered as much as possible from the rain.   That is until we played on the roof of the parking garage, but you will have to wait to see those shots in a couple of days.  They are some of my favorite shots I have taken because they truly capture the personality of the couple…adorable, loving, funny, cute, and seriously FUN!!!!  You won’t want to miss them.   

This shot was captured using only the natural light streaming in through the hallway above us and one reflector…


So were these. 

Learning how to capture the light like this all started one year ago, when I attended Cliff Mautner’s Lighting and Skillset Bootcamp for three days.  You can read more about them here and here.




Here is a behind the scenes shot right before I took the ones above.


Next I moved them into the garage just a tad to change things up…



We did a little dance moves…Matt and Caitlin thanks for making the day together full of laughter!


Then it was time to move to the garage across the way…



Caitlin you are GORGEOUS!



Then right before outfit number two I captured this shot…aren’t they so fun!?


As you can see making a pretty picture is not based on the location alone.   We shot inside a garage, on top of ugly garbage cans, in the rain, and with buildings all around us.   You truly have to embrace where you are and find ways to show off the beauty of your couple!

Hope to see you back tomorrow for more of this adorable couple!  

Wishing you all a blessed week,


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