Monday, March 19, 2012

Dreaming vs. Doing | N. Virginia Photographer

This morning I watched a video on Justin and Mary’s blog that spoke to my soul.  
I have sat with the exact thoughts for weeks as I prepared for our first get together after The Fix.  Ten photographers all meeting for the first time, ready to dream big and do what it takes to bring them to life! 
It was a privilege and honor to share my heart with this group of wonderful people.   Their dreams are the wind beneath my wings to do whatever it takes to find my way in the world of photography.   Their trust in me to lead them and guide us as a group blessed me in ways none of them could ever know.   I have longed to encourage others and share all that I have learned over the years:  design, marketing, photography, and business skills.   Now I have an outlet to use them.   I gave a voice to my dreams yesterday and within two hours they began to come to life.  
Allow me to introduce you to several of  my beautiful (& handsome) new friends – a few will get headshots next time!

Jenny Rain Photography – I was SOOOO excited to finally meet Jenny.  We met through my shoot and edit challenge last year.   This year she joined the I AM BEAUTIFUL PROJECT.   She is truly beautiful from the inside out!   So thankful for how God brings people into your life at the perfect time!!!!


Photography by Marirosa – your heart is so beautiful and so is your smile!  Your smile begins with your eyes and comes through your sweet personality.   I am thrilled to be in this group with you!

Sheaulee Ng Photography – OK, let’s just get the obvious out – YOU ARE GORGEOUS!  I loved photographing you.   You are even sweeter than your outer beauty.   I am thrilled to call you friend and embrace this journey together!
Tina Leu Photography – You are FIERCE!  A beautiful woman from the inside out and heart full of joy!  I am so excited to get to know you better!   Your sense of humor is SO refreshing!  
tina-5274 tina-5275
Jon Fleming Photography
This young man is what dreams are made of – fighting against the odds and doing something you believe in!  He is graduating high school this year and I am so glad he contacted me to meet yesterday!   You inspire me Jon!
I can’t decide which one I like best, what do you all think (color or B&W)?
Here is the group in action:
So here is my challenge to all of you who like to dream big (like me)…what are you willing to do today to bring them to life?  Will you step outside of your comfort zone and reach out to make new friends?  Will you push yourself to learn new things and share the talents you have with others?  I can assure you that doing is way better than simply dreaming.

This weekend I am meeting with a larger group of photographers for our first stylized photo shot with two couples.   Again, we will be sharing our dreams and working together to bring them to life.  If you live in the NOVA or surrounding area and would like to join our monthly get together – email me and join us! 

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