Thursday, March 8, 2012

Glamour | N. Virginia Photographer

Some of you have asked me what is my newest source of inspiration?

The answer is found by watching workshops on   They have been my greatest resource in learning new things and then mastering them. 

This weekend was by far the best money I have spent on continuing my personal growth as a photographer and helping me to truly direct my dreams for Jill Samter Photography.

I am of course blessed to have a gorgeous model in my house who is always ready for me to practice the new things I learn on her.  Thanks Lexi!  For those who watched the classes too, you will giggle that she didn’t exactly enjoy the new posing technique.   That is until she saw these beautiful images.

All of these were shot with natural light only and one reflector.  Then they I edited in LR3 with the presets I created for my style of photography.








Just in case you were also wondering, her beauty definitely gives me a slight heart-attack!   I adore her heart for God, and how His joy, peace, and love shines through her!

If you like what you are seeing today, then get excited for what you can experience during your own session with me.  I will be offering the option to be pampered by a professional hair and make-up artist from this point on.  What woman doesn’t like a little pampering and to feel extra special before a photo session?   Heck every time we get a hair cut around here, its an excuse for a mini photo session!  Raise hands, I know we are NOT the only ones who feel this way.  Why waste a good hair day right??

Next week I will share a few photos she captured of me after I let her practice applying make-up on my eyes.  She did a great job for her first time!  Our children loved seeing me with smokey eyes.  HA!  They noticed right away and complimented me several times during dinner.  SO??  Does that mean I should start wearing make-up more often?  According to my husband, absolutely NOT!   Have I mentioned how much I love that sweet man of mine?   Well, its true I do!!!


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