Friday, March 23, 2012

Horsing Around | N. Virginia Photographer

I took the advice of a new photography friend and went out early yesterday morning during the heavy fog to see what I could find.   I felt rushed at first because the best hour is when I’m driving the children to school.   I couldn’t wait to just be still, alone, and photographing His creation.   It was wonderful.   I will be doing it more often!  

In any case, I will be sharing the magical sights I saw in the days to come.

We live in horse and cow country.   Pretty farms surround our property for miles.   It is truly a beautiful place to live and raise a family.  

Oh I should mention there was one glitch in the entire outing, I had to bring my adorable puppy Charlie – he was not as enthusiastic about my need for a morning adventure.   He does NOT like being in the crate alone at home at all.   So I put him in the carrier and brought him along for the ride.   Um, bad move.  He nearly scared away every horse and cow in the county.  He didn’t stop barking until I was safely back in the car where he could see me.   Good thing he is seriously cute!!!!  Especially since he is NOT sleeping through the night and I’m a bit tired.   Whew! 

Back to my horsing around.   This handsome guy was just waiting for me to pull over so we could have a little chat and share a laugh.







Charlie was barking so loud at this point that I had to turn and walk away.    I will see you soon new friend. 


Thanks for the lovin’ and laughter!   I sure did need it! 


Wishing you all a blessed weekend! 

Be blessed and be a blessing!


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