Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mommy I can’t see…

Yesterday, I shared how the fog made it almost impossible to drive the children to school last week…


From the back seat I heard, “Mommy I can’t see ahead.”   I could sense their fear and discomfort not being able to see the road ahead of us or the other cars until they were directly in front of us.

I showed them that it was OK by remaining calm.   I spoke in a soft voice and made sure they knew it would be OK.   I used the thick fog to teach the very lesson I needed to learn last week, that when we can’t see ahead of us, we simply must trust God.   To slow down and go steadily on the path before us.  Trusting that He has gone before us and will supply the grace we need to navigate our way.    I explained to them that life will be full of seasons of uncertainty and moments where they will be unable to see directly in front of them.   That is when their faith will be tested and their true hearts will be shown.   

I drove on through the thick fog in silence.   They were trying so very hard to see ahead of us.   They wanted to know it would be OK.   Even with my words of comfort and truth, their tender and young hearts were unsettled.  

Then as we made our way closer and closer to school and familiar sights became clearer they relaxed.    Again, I was able to use their reaction to the fog as a life lesson.    I was able to show them without needing to say much how important it is to live out the truth and His promises to us.   We walk by faith, not by sight.  He is a lamp unto our feet.   He will make the croaked roads straight.   He will guide us by His love.   His Spirit will teach us and direct us.

Our job – to remain humble, still, and keep our hearts tender towards His ever present voice. 

Humility opens the gates of grace to empower us no matter what we must face.   It allows God to be God and us to rest in His perfect peace, joy, hope, and love.

I am NOTHING without His grace.

Wishing you all a blessed day!


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