Thursday, March 29, 2012

Paul + Jess = Love| N. Virginia Photographer

So what does a couple do when they are celebrating their one year anniversary?   They go hang out with a bunch of silly photographers on a rainy day on the roof of a parking garage.  

Well ok, maybe not everyone does that.  

Ok, no one really does that. 

But Paul and Jess did with the best attitudes and willingness to just have fun no matter how windy, or cold the day got.  

Paul and Jess again thank you for allowing us to capture your love and joy this past Saturday.   It was a complete pleasure and honor to help capture the celebration of your love!

First, let me introduce you to them before we went all crazy on the roof!


Jess your smile and laugh are so contagious!  You are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!



I love this next shot of them and how you can see the rain falling.   Yes, I was getting soaked but it was worth every drop!


I don’t know how you can look at the following images without laughing.  Paul you sure know how to make a girl laugh and allow your true personality to shine!   What a gift that is to Jess and all those who know you!



Seriously how cute are they?  What a blast this photo session was thanks to them!




Come on back tomorrow to see more of this loving and fun couple! 

Happy Thursday friends!


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