Friday, April 13, 2012

A Furry Fabulous Friday | N. Virginia Photographer

I can’t think of a better way to end this week, then to share some fun and fabulous photos of my oldest and youngest.

I know the first two are a little blurry – but he ran to me so fast and my first thought was not change settings – it was capture how tiny he is.   I love him beyond words!   Can you blame me?   Unless I’m down a few stairs off the porch, he will not sit still for a photo.   He sees me and just wants to be with me.   We have a mutual love thing going on.   Which I’m 100% perfectly cool with.   Who am I kidding!   I’m 110% thrilled he feels the same way.


Just look at his sweet face.   I can barely take it!  Sigh…


This next series of photos documents his true size at 4 months old.   It also shows how his little personality is coming out too.  Funny how they are both giving me the same faces in each photo. 

Just in case you are wondering the white spots are the million little gnat type insects flying around now.   These shots are all SOOC and only resized for the web.  Now I’m wishing it was just a tad bit colder this winter – I think we are in for a doozy of a buggy summer Sad smile  Oh my did I just say that?  A colder winter?   Somebody stop me.  LOL!  I think I hate bugs more than I hate being cold.  Just maybe!!!!!



Poor Charlie wanted to get to me but can’t get down the stairs.  He so didn’t get why I was not coming to get him!  Sweet boy!

He was really confused when Lexi started to do the following!!!!   I think he was even a little scared. 


To ensure he was OK, his big sister decided it would be a wonderful idea to swoop him up and give him plenty of kisses…again I’m not so sure he agreed this was such a good plan!  He is looking at me with those, “mom please come get me already!!!” eyes. 


No worries Charlie, I am coming right after this last shot!




The above photo truly tells the story of how much I adore him.   I snuggle him A LOT each day and he gives me 100’s of kisses in return.   He has been the best medicine ever!   Unlike children, he gives and gives and gives – there is no take involved with him and it is just what I needed at this time in my life.   I must thank my husband at least once a week for buying him for me.   

Now you know what today is Fabulous Friday! 

Go and make today fabulous!   Then please come back and share what made it so for you!


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