Sunday, April 15, 2012

Be Still SONday - Time and Space


Time and Space.

Are two very important components in life when dealing with any major decision.

Time to be still.

Time to wait.

Time to listen.

Time to pray.

Time to be washed in the truth.

Time to be restored and renewed.

Time to hope.

Time to cry.

Time to ask God, how, when, and why?

Time to let God, do all that you have asked.

Time to see that His way really is always best.


It is good.

Space to separate your emotions from the reality of the situation.

Space to let emotions get under control.

Space to see things for what they really are.

Space to see everything in a new way.

Space to just be.

Space to think.

Space to scream.

Space to dance around.

Space to read.

Space to pray.

Space to run and run and run.

Space to look back and see just how far God has brought you.


It is good.

That is what I have been taking the last month.  Time away from sharing my thoughts here, because I needed the space to see them for what they really are…God working things for my good and His glory.

I can clearly see the direction my life is going at this very moment.   What tomorrow brings I have no idea.   But I know that today, my life has a purpose and I need to be sure I’m doing everything I can to fulfill it.

In order to fulfill it my only focus must be the following…

please change me


As all of you know I began my photography business over two years ago.   However, one year ago we moved.  Which put a huge damper on the momentum I was building and the vision I had for where the business was headed.   My plans didn’t exactly work out.   Then in January, of this year, I started over in our new state.   I was beyond excited.  Couldn’t wait to begin.  Worked for months on the marketing and put everything into place to create the same vision I had before moving.   Again, my plans didn’t exactly work out.   Are you seeing a theme here? 

So, I fought internally for weeks.  I struggled to see the obvious and not so obvious going on.  I tried to understand what was going on.   But all I wanted was for things to work out as I hoped, dreamed, and desired.   I was so frustrated.   I was getting so hurt inside.   I felt like I failed.   I let the lies begin to build inside and began to doubt that I could really make a go of this again in a new area.  

But God!  He was trying to get my attention.  I just needed to give Him the time and space He needed to show me that when I was ready to give up my way, His way was going to blow me away.

Jesus will always out give us!

What gives me the greatest peace is that even when I am the one distancing myself from God, walking my own way (thinking I’m walking His)…

i matter to GOD!

His love is always right there.   He is so good to us.   He is beyond caring, gentle, merciful, and so full of love.  

And so, I begin a new journey with my business.  One I have missed putting time and energy into.  The I AM BEAUTIFUL PROJECT is now my focus and it is going to be everything I dreamed it could be, but so much more…because God is completely leading the way.   He has shown me what it truly means to touch the lives of women (young and old), His daughters, and the sacredness of capturing their beauty – which is always more than skin deep.   In the coming weeks I will begin sharing more details about it and how you can get involved.   For now, I covet your prayers and ask that you remind me that time and space are always good. 

Blessed to share this amazing grace journey with all of you!


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