Sunday, April 22, 2012

Be Still SONday


I have been silent for a while here.

I am going through the Refiner’s fire.

I will be sharing my heart as the words come.

I know I have said that many times in the last year, but now it is time to speak.

This has been one of the deepest valleys I have yet found myself walking in.   A valley so low I didn’t eve realize I lead myself there.   A valley so dry, my body no longer felt thirsty when I was weak.   A valley so dark, the light hurt my eyes to look up into it.   A valley that left me feeling so lost, I struggled too long to find my way up and out.  

But God.   Who loves me, never let me go.   He just watched me and was waiting for me to see that I let go and didn’t even realize it.  

Last night He used a fortune cookie to speak softly to my heart just when I needed it most.

“Your happiness is intertwined with your outlook on life.”   

Oh goodness!  I couldn’t even believe it said that.  Especially after the week I had and the conversations I have been having with my husband for the last six months.  

What is it that you are in need of today? 

Take what you need <3

Whatever you need – He will supply it!  All you have to do is ask.  

So today, spend time being still and ask for what you need.   Trust in God, to give it to you in His perfect timing and way.   There is nothing to be afraid of.   Nothing is impossible for Him or with Him.   I only say it – because I know it to be 100% truth.    I stopped trusting in that because I wanted to see it and not simply walk by faith.   I got tired of waiting and let doubt creep in, and take up way too much space in my heart and mind.   Right when I needed Him most, He scooped me up and dusted off all that was clouding my view.   Because I too needed reminding that I simply needed to keep asking Him to be all that I needed.   Not just ask for what I needed but for Him to be all that I need. 

My heart is full of thankfulness.   I am grateful that He remains the same – yesterday, today, and forever’n ever’n always.   I am so thankful He never leaves me nor forsakes me, even when I have forsaken Him.  

Friends, be still today and know that He is God.   The very God who formed you in your mother’s womb and knows your heart…to the deepest part of you.    He loves you perfectly and purely.   This I know.


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