Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Foggy Mornings | N. Virginia Photographer

Sometimes shooting just for the sake of capturing beauty is my favorite thing to do.   I love capturing His amazing creation in all different light, weather, and time of day.

I drive the children to school around 7:45am each day.   As the weather began to change from cold to warm – the mornings were rather foggy for a week.   I didn’t have much time to capture the thick fog because by the time I dropped off the last two children the sun was burning through it.   

However, one morning we were running early and I was able to spend two hours capturing the fog, horses, and different landscapes all around where we live.   I will share more of my favorite shots from my time alone with my camera and God, later this week.

I hope you can sense the denseness of the fog and feel as if you are right there with me.   That was my goal upon capturing each one.   All of these are SOOC and only converted into B&W for my personal style and taste.    I played with the WB in camera to get the colors you see below to be as true as what I saw that morning.





I can’t decide whether I like these better in color or B&W.   Those who follow along know I simply LOVE B&W photography and I believe removing the color allows you to come right into the moment with me.







By the time I was on this back country road the fog was almost gone…




Wishing you a beautiful and blessed Tuesday!


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