Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Lovely Light | N. Virginia Photographer

Oh how sweet it is to be in my studio and take away all the pressure of what the light is going to do outside.   Inside my studio I have total control over the light and can create as much of it as I need and desire – consistently.  BONUS!   Yes, I love doing natural light sessions and yet, I have fallen in love with my studio the more I have practiced with everything in there. 

Lexi is such a fun model to practice with, and she loves having me do her make-up.   So, two weeks ago she made her final decision on what college she would attend in the Fall and wanted to show it off with the following timeline cover for FB. 


Our beautiful girl is finishing up her first year of college right now at home and then off to CUA in DC she will go in the Fall.  She was awarded a very nice scholarship as well.  We are so incredibly proud of her.   GO LEXI!  

Now, onto some more beautiful shots of her…







OK, I just have to share this one with you…because us skinny girls can be fierce too! 

She has had guns like this since the age of two.  FOR REAL!!!!!!

Her siblings ask her to pose like this about once a month.  HA HA HA!  LOVE IT!



I am truly the luckiest mom in the world!  Her beauty runs deep and wide!   Brains and beauty is one powerful combination!  Watch out world, God is paving the road for the plans He has for our girl!   So excited to sit back and watch them unfold!


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