Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sweet Sparkles | N. Virginia Photographer

I love getting to practice everything that I learn on Lexi.   She is such a fun model.  

A few weeks ago I took her out to do some Spring shopping.   She had one outfit in mind and we lucked out finding all the pieces.   We actually high fived after finding the denim shirt she is wearing in her size because it was not in the right section with all the other shirts just like it.   Her favorite thing for Spring is sparkle tank tops, as you saw on Tuesday too.  

Lexi has such sweet sense of style.  I love seeing her taste blossom and the fun outfits she puts together.     Modest is definitely hottest around here.   Being modest doesn’t mean you have to look like a girl from the 1800’s.   It just means you have to consider how everything you wear will and does effect all the guys around you.



I forget what I said or did, but I love how it gave me the chance to capture her natural laugh!  Finding ways to bring out your beauty from deep inside is my absolute favorite thing to do with everyone in front of my camera.


Her sweet smile can light up any room.   It always fills my heart with so much joy!


This last shot is definitely a favorite of mine – Lexi you are FIERCE! 

I love you so much and you make me so proud to be your mom!


   Wishing you all a beautiful and blessed Thursday!


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