Monday, April 23, 2012

The Way You Move | N. Virginia Photographer

Learning to pose my clients naturally has been one of my favorite things to study this last year.   Understanding light has helped me tremendously with this aspect of capturing extraordinary moments.   I know just how I want the light to play with their hair, and come across their face and body.  I can see the magic come alive when the light hits them a certain way.   It has helped me create the mood I’m looking for and to see the beauty of each person before my lens.   Light sure has a way of doing that all on its own too.   The beauty comes from capturing it at just the right moment.  Everyone of us has beauty waiting to be captured and it begins with our smile.  It truly is the most beautiful thing we can put on. 

Krystle was a joy to photograph and pose.   She made my job very easy.   I was able to have fun with her and not worry about missing those special moments when her inner joy became visible on the outside. 

Let me show you just what I mean.   Again, these were captured with one AB800 and softbox.   Settings 1/125 f/8.0 ISO 200 – 50mm 1.4 on my 5D Mark II.  





Being comfortable with how you move helps your clients to feel at ease in the way they move for you!    Practice posing yourself and moving through many different positions until you find 10 that you love.  Then master them and they will become natural poses to use during every session.  

This next pose is definitely one I will use every single time I am capturing the beauty of a woman.


I know you all saw this last week too, but I can’t help but share it again.   This photo moves me.


Wishing you all a blessed week!   Tomorrow more stunning photos from inside my studio.  


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