Saturday, April 7, 2012

Two Bunnies | N. Virginia Photographer

Are always better than one.

It never fails – when I am photographing one, the other comes running to join in.  Which is always fine by me!



It also never fails that when I ask them to hug or kiss, the following always happens..


Poor guy is NEVER allowed to kiss her.  She always has to be the one giving the kisses.  One of these days he will get her first!



She is so lucky that he is such a good sport and a sweet older brother!


Then it was time for a quick photo with their big sister and back to bunny hopping.

Don’t ask me why he was making the following faces??  I have no clue! He sure is cute all the same!



Wishing you all a richly blessed Resurrection DAY!    He is RISEN and ALIVE!   May your heart be filled to overflowing with His love!  Enjoy celebrating the blessing of His life and sacrifice for us with your loved ones!


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