Thursday, May 10, 2012

And they are off!! | N. Virginia Photographer

You saw the other day how the pigs loved our two youngest, and today you will see why our two youngest are still talking about the silly little pigs!

Because they were off to the races…


Until they safely ended up in the pen across the field.  That is until the little blue with the shorts center left opened up the gate and I had to round them all up again.  Now that would have been really funny to see and capture.   Open-mouthed smile  The kids sure got a good laugh out of watching me.  So it was totally worth it.   Now I can say that I am able to wrangle up cows and pigs.  I’ll become a country girl if my kids have anything to say about it!


We then went to pet the brand new baby goats.  Our youngest son was once again apprehensive, but smiled for the photo.   HA!


Our youngest daughter, well she just had to go and do it.  GAHHHHHHHHHHH she kissed the goat!!!  She did the same thing with the baby cow.  Sigh.   You will see those photos tomorrow.  


Wishing you all a beautiful and blessed day!


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