Monday, May 7, 2012

Blowing A Wish | N. Virginia Photographer

It is always amazing to watch a young child learn a new skill and to experience the beauty of childhood for the first time.

I have been so blessed to do this six times (3 of our children were too young when we met them to capture them during these precious and tender moments).  Thus, I have taken hundreds of photos of them all since the moment they entered our lives forever’n ever’n always.  Because every life and story is worth telling and capturing.

This week, I will let the photos tell the story of our first visit to a local petting zoo with our two youngest during a school field trip.


They worked hard to blow the wishes off of these dandelions.   They were grateful when the wind blew hard and helped them clear them all off. 







Oh how he worked hard to blow the wishes off…all while holding his hat so the wind wouldn’t take it away.




After lots of blowing – he finally had sweet success!


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Wishing you all a beautiful and blessed day!


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