Friday, May 4, 2012

Furry Fantastic Friday

Thank you for all the lovely comments this week about the photos of Lexi.   She says, “thank you!” as well.  She reminded me last night, “only three more months and I will be at college.”   Which makes me really glad I have taken advantage of our time together and captured her in so many different ways and light!

My sweet boy is never far from me and at the end of her photo session he really wanted attention.  So up into her lap he went.   These truly show how much of a teddy bear he is, not to mention too cute not to share. 




This photo is being made into a canvas – a fav for sure!!!


Wishing you all a beautiful and blessed weekend!  Tomorrow is our 10 year wedding anniversary and in a few weeks we are getting our portraits taken to celebrate our love!


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