Thursday, May 31, 2012

I AM BEAUTIFUL PROJECT | Family Session N. Virginia

Field of light.

Glorious early evening light.

A mother’s love.

Beauty fills this place.

Love overflows.

Time stands still.

One extraordinary moment after another captured.

This is another side of the I AM BEAUTIFUL PROJECT!  

There are few things that compare to a mother’s love.   Not many can touch its beauty and power.   It is an honor and privilege to be brought into the presence of this kind of love and to capture it…


A daughter who still loves to sit upon her mother’s lap.   A child so filled to the brim with her mother’s adoration.   A young girl learning to spread her wings.   A beautiful girl learning the importance to be all that she is created to be!





Sweet whispers of love and asking for more kisses…


Those of you who have a son know there is nothing quite like the love they give to their mommas.   Oh it is something special and sacred.   It is amazing to watch them grow from a boy to a man.   A hug and kiss from their mom will always fill them up to overflowing with pride and confidence!


And sometimes make them squirm!  He he he!



I am so thankful I was able to convince her son to allow me to capture a few shots of him alone…they truly show off many sides to this young man’s heart!  Not to mention how absolutely photogenic he is and those gorgeous brown eyes!




This next shot of him is my favorite and I know it is most likely his too, because you can see his AWESOME brand new sneakers.   You know we have to get our priorities straight, the shoes matter.  Right ladies?


I leave you today with a photo that embodies love from start to finish…one word -  BEAUTIFUL!


I AM BEAUTIFUL SUMMER SESSIONS are now available.   Contact me today to schedule yours!  I can’t wait to capture your extraordinary beauty!  

Wishing you all a beautiful and blessed day!


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