Thursday, May 24, 2012

Love Splashin’ | N. Virginia Photographer

There is something about being around a couple in love.  Their love can’t help but splash all over you.   Alex and Ashley are technically not newlyweds, but you wouldn’t know it by how they adore each other and love on one another.   I was definitely splashed by their love for the three hours we spent together.

Now, look at what I had them do.   Yup, I asked them if they were cool to take their shoes off, roll up their pants, and climb into the water with all the kids around them.   Without hesitation, they did it.  


But after looking at the photos for a while all I kept seeing was the kids and people in the background.   It was taking away from how absolutely fun they were with our group and each other.

If you know anything about me, you know I’m NOT a fan of editing photos more than a simple contrast tweak and resizing for the web.  However, these photos were screaming for a little magic and I couldn’t resist putting into practice what I learned this year – the amazingness of the cloning tool in PS.  Man alive do I love that tool when it can take a photo from above and turn it into this!!!!  Bye bye distractions and hello total cuteness!




The most amazing thing about cloning out all the distractions (um people) is it didn’t take me longer than maybe 3 minutes each!   When I first tried doing it, I am positive I was one minute away from throwing my entire computer out the window.  So this is a huge success for me.   I liked the photos before, but now I love them!




Alex and Ashley, again thank you for spending the afternoon with me and our group.  You were a blessing to be with!  I pray your anniversary was filled to overflowing with your love for one another.   Remember to always treasure the simple things in life and do them often!

Wishing you all a beautiful and blessed day!


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