Sunday, June 17, 2012

Be Still SONday–Father’s Day

I know it has been very quiet here for a while.  

I have taken time to just live, laugh, and love.

I am taking time to put into action all that I have shared here.

I am taking time to be still and hear His voice as I allow Him to search my heart and life for all that will not glorify Him.

Summer officially began this past Friday for our family when my husband finished his last class this year towards his PhD.   We have missed spending lots of time with him and are so excited to soak up every minute with him until school begins again in the Fall.  Although he will be busy working – he is here with us each day and we can be wrapped in his love daily.  

To say that is making each of us JOYFUL is an understatement!

We are THRILLED to have him home.

I am so blessed that this man is the father of our children.   His love is such a treasured gift.


Our children are being given a legacy by his choices and the way he lives out all that he has learned the last five years.  

They are also being shown how our love is the foundation for everything in our home.   He makes sure they see us lovin’ on one another…


photos above by Jamie D. Photography

I make sure to capture him lovin’ on them too!   Because it is such a gift and blessing to see their smiles when they look at a photo of them with their daddy.  





He is patient, full of integrity, kind, generous, funny, silly, understanding, joyful, forgiving, merciful, and incredibly loving with each of us.   The children know deep in their heart and souls that they are loved by their daddy.   They don’t question his love for them.  It is a fact!

He teaches them how to swim each summer – talk about patience!



He is their greatest cheerleader and encourager!

He is so proud of them when they have faced a fear and conquered it! 


He is so proud of them when they reach a goal!


He teaches them to be kind, respectful, and to treat others as they wish to be treated.


He is the leader of our home and takes great pride in his job to lead us in truth and love!


Today, we are missing his dad and will spend time cherishing many memories of how Pop-pop’s love will live with us forever!  Especially through the gift of his son (my husband and their daddy)!

I could never thank God enough for the blessing of my husband and all that he does for us without ever asking for anything in return.   He lives to give us more and we are grateful for all the ways he does it!  Happy Father’s Day My Beloved!   May this day live in your memory for a lifetime!  You are loved, cherished, and treasured by each of us!

I pray you are taking time to love on the men in your life who have helped shape your heart and life!   May we each be still and praise our heavenly Father for His perfect and pure love for each of us!


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