Thursday, June 28, 2012

Determination and Love | N. Virginia Portrait Photographer

Around here there are two things that we teach our children:  to NEVER be a quitter and to love like crazy!  


Our youngest wasn’t really given an option to learn how to swim this year, nor was she allowed to back out of racing just because she got mad when she lost.   Oh the fit she has when her brother beat her…another time you are all lucky to be sitting where you are and not here listening to her.   True story!

Anyway, my husband puts the floaties back on and then has her race against him.   He of course stays two strokes behind her and she is determined NOT to let him get by!





When their race was over, I asked my husband to swim a few laps for me to practice taking some action shots.   I am NO sports photographer but I sure do love how these came out!   I shot with my 7D – 100 mm 2.8L and LOVE these!   Oh and all shots today in this post are SOOC.




I zoomed into photo and cropped it so you could see how tack sharp this lens is! 

Two years later and it is still my absolute favorite lens!

kidspool-1987-c sswim_2309





I wanted to try out some fun water shots too and our one daughter is an amazing swimmer – she was definitely up for me playing around!   I might have to invest in an underwater cover for my camera to really play and get what I’m looking for!  But these are still really cool and fun!





See you tomorrow for some serious cuteness and lovin’!    Wishing you all a beautiful and blessed day!


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