Monday, June 11, 2012

Light and Lucky | N. Virginia Photographer

This little one loves to get his photo taken.  He often jumps in front of my camera when I am trying to capture one of his siblings.  

But the other day before he became a bucket boy I sat watching the light and realized how lucky I am to be his mommy. 

I am the one he can’t wait to see each morning.

I am the one he begs to go with on any errand, no matter how boring it might be.

I am the one he comes running to each night to get one last kiss and hug.

I am the one who is now missing two more front teeth and very proud to show me!


He is the one who pouts the most and whines more than our girls at the moment.


He is the one who takes in all that is going on around him, and sometimes is so lost in thought he forgets to watch where he is going.


He is the one who can light up any room with his smile.   The one whose eyelashes I will forever be jealous of.

Yep, he reminds me just how lucky I am to have been asked by God to say yes to loving him for the rest of my life!


Friends please be sure to remind those you know and love who have adopted in the last six months to contact me for their Red Thread Adoption Session.  

Wishing you a beautiful and blessed start of your week!   Tons of new and cute photos coming up this week Open-mouthed smile


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