Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Organic Skin Care Products–My Favorite Things

About a month ago, Dr. Sara emailed me about her new favorite skincare products.  I quickly checked it out and when I was at my local organic/natural market I was thrilled to see they carried the entire line.

I have been faithfully using the following and my skin has never felt or looked better!  OK, maybe when I was a little girl but that was almost 40 something years ago. Moving on!!!   I’m thrilled with how they have helped even out my skin tone and literally lines are disappearing!

Scott-and-Jill-3 Jill-1

photo credit Jamie D. Photography

I love love love this product known as liquid gold!  I also use it on my hair (the ends) each night before I go to bed…I awake to super soft hair too – NOT oily!

Argan Oil


I faithfully use these daily and love them!

Radical Resurfacing Facial Lotion  line eraser

Seriously Hydrating Toner

ACURE makes products for the face, body, and hair.  I will be adding many of them into my daily healthy body regimen! 

Remember what you put on your body, goes into your body.  Your skin is the largest organ that works with the detox internal organs.  Be very careful with the products you use.  They truly effect your overall health and wellness!

You might like to know that our oldest daughter has been using the products for oily skin and seeing incredible results as well.  

I look forward to hearing your testimonies from using this product line as well.


PS I drink plenty of water too – which is the most important thing you can do for your skin and body!

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