Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Summer Games | N. Virginia Photographer

Ok, last week I was inspired by a fellow photographer to stretch my creative wings.   I saw a photo they shared on FB and knew I had to come up with something like it, but I wanted it to be my own spin on this childhood toy.

First, I decided I would begin with one of our favorites in motion – the hoola hoop!

Yes, she is really moving that thing and I slowed things down to give it this effect.


Next up is another childhood favorite of mine – the slinky!






Of course our little princess could NOT try to help me master this shot.   She is a trip!!!!!



Her enthusiasm didn’t last very long though…ha ha ha!


That didn’t stop her from working hard to hold still and allow me to try one more time, so I could get this next shot!!!!


Yes, ma’am I am pretty darn close to getting this shot just how I want it!   I love that I can see both of her eyes and all the motion of the slinky at the same time.   Open-mouthed smile

What is your favorite Summer toy to play with?

Wishing you a beautiful and blessed Tuesday!


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