Tuesday, June 26, 2012

You Want to Race? | N. Virginia Portrait Photographer

Now that our youngest are learning to swim, everyone is entering into our competitive family swim meets!   Our two youngest hated to swim last year.  Cried almost every time they went into the pool.  It was crazy and not fun for any of us.  Especially my husband who teaches them how to swim.    This year has been a little rough going too, but they are coming around.  Our youngest daughter is showing a serious competitive spirit and man alive is she determined to WIN!!!!  Watch out when she doesn’t.   She has not learned the blessing of good sportsmanship.   But she will.  
I can barely stand how cute these two are with their new goggles on.  Which our youngest daughter broke within the first 24 hours of wearing them.   No surprise there.   But I digress.
Oh my word does this photo make me laugh!  I’m thinking it is a must to have blown up for their engagement parties.  Right?
As you can see by the following photos, our son is not thrilled with the idea of having his floaties off.   He really hates being on his back in the water.   I was coaching him on from the side and cheering for him.   No smile was coming from him, as his only thought was, “can I be done now?”
My incredibly patient and awesome husband is telling him what a good job he is doing.  But still no smile!
Up out of the water and into daddy’s arms…finally a small smile comes!
Next up, little miss!   She was NOT going to give up and was determined to float and swim better than her brother.   Sure enough she swam alongside my husband the full length of the pool.   Four strokes and then roll over to a float, repeat, repeat, and repeat.  
She made it! 
TWICE!!!!!  We were all cheering for her!  Awesome job sweet girl!
Then she learned how to get to the side if she fell in and get out.   At four years old, she is seriously strong, or should we say strong-willed.  She may be tiny but she is certain of what she wants and figures out a way to get it.  Not always a good trait!

Then it was time to put the floaties back on and burn up all their energy.   YES, we really work hard at that so these two will sleep at night.   Otherwise, they might only sleep 4-5 hours tops.   We love Summer time and having a pool to wear them out.
As you can see she was NOT going to lose to her brother or daddy.  
He he he – who by the way lets her win (most of the time)!
She is a lucky girl having a daddy who not only cheers her on, helps her stay in the lead, and then lets her win!

Anyone else ready for a race?   This girl is waiting for you and she has a strong team of swimmers too!  Open-mouthed smile
Wishing you all a beautiful and blessed day,

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