Friday, July 13, 2012

Behind the Scenes | N. Virginia Portrait Photographer

I don’t know about all of you but I love having the chance to go behind the scenes of a big project and see the studio set-up.  So I made sure we were capturing many shots throughout the day of the promo video shoot to share with you.  

I realize I have been pretty vague for a while about this project and I am happy to report, that is all about to change.  On Monday, the promo video will be live here for you all to see!!! {INSERT HUGE SMILE THAT I CAN’T WIPE OFF MY FACE!!!!!}

For now, enjoy a glimpse into what takes place during a beauty session in my studio. 

First up, everyone sat with Martha for airbrush make-up.  If you have not had this done, what a treat it is.   It is cool on your skin, covers so beautifully, very light, and so easy to wash off.  Yet, it does NOT run or rub off on your clothes.   It was very relaxing having time in her chair. 



While Anne was getting her make-up done, Lauren was being coiffed by Caitlin.  The before and after's were truly fun to see happening all day long!


Our two dogs were thrilled by all the guests, because it meant they were finally allowed back into my office.  Which was the perfect opportunity for Caspian to take a nap on his favorite chair!


Then we moved into the studio, did a few quick lighting tests…


a quick fix of Anne’s hair…


and we began her first beauty session!  Look at that smile holding up her sign!



I love this view over my shoulder that Lexi was able to get a few times!


Time to bring in Lauren.  She is super photogenic and easy to capture quickly!  I can’t wait to have her back in the studio again!



Ha!  Lexi caught me directing the women too…“look here”, and “lean in just a little closer.”


Another quick fix to the hair…this photo cracks me up with Caitlin right in front of Lauren. 


I love showing my clients a quick peak at their photos,


because seeing their reaction makes it all worth it! 


Lexi did a great job capturing behind the scenes of Janice filming everything too…



I think this is my favorite behind the scenes shot of her…


Lexi was waiting for her turn to be pampered and snapped this funny self-portrait:


It wouldn’t be a Furry Fabulous Friday without some puppy love on the blog!  Right?  Open-mouthed smile

While I was photographing the other women, Cindy and my MIL{love} were enjoying their turn at being pampered.  Cindy has not worn make-up for many years, not even on her wedding day.  So this was a HUGE deal for her and a little hard for her at first to get used to.  But as you saw in her images yesterday, she looked amazing and truly embraced the huge change!  On second thought, I think she was wiping it all off on the car ride home.  LOL!



The most special part of this experience was sharing it with my MIL{love}!   Having her drive down from PA to spend the day with me and support my passion for this project was a huge gift!  It helped ground me for the entire day.   Her love means that much!   Mom, thank you for being there and keeping us laughing!  The day would not have been the same without you! 




Did you see the photos of her with Lexi and our three generation shots I shared last week? They are treasures to all of us. We will cherish them for years to come. Thanks again Janice for taking them for me!

Now onto the technical side of things and what I used in the studio during the promo video:

  1. AB400 with a 26” beauty dish attached
  2. elinchrom D-lite4 shot into a white umbrella
  3. 46” silver reflector
  4. White seamless paper backdrop
  5. 5D Mark II – 50mm 1.4, 85mm 1.8
  6. 7D was used to capture all the above shots with a 35mm 2.0

Hair and Make-up – Alison Harper & Co.

Promo Video Storyteller – Big Dog Little Bed Productions

I am so excited to share the finished product with you all on Monday.  I hope you have enjoyed all the sneak peaks of these amazing and beautiful women! 

Now is the time to schedule your personal beauty session and allow me the privilege to share your story!  Contact me at and let’s have some fun together pampering you!

Wishing you all a beautiful and blessed weekend!


Behind the scene shots of me and the funny faces I make while shooting are up on my fan page on FB.   Go LIKE my page and check them out!

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