Monday, July 16, 2012


This is so incredibly exciting for me! To be honest I have watched this video a hundred times already and have cried through half of it. Why? Because I am watching my personal dreams and hard work come to life. What an honor and privilege it is to capture the essence of a woman, to bring out the beauty of her soul through her eyes and smile, and to encourage her to come alive as she forgets I am standing before her with my camera in hand.

Many have asked me, "What is the I AM BEAUTIFUL PROJECT?"  This video will help you understand the purpose and goal of this project at its core:  to simply capture women, setting them free to see themselves as I do - BEAUTIFUL!  I want you to see how your kindness, gentleness, honesty, and love flow out of you and make the real you shine for others to see.

It is time for me to simply share the story behind the I AM BEAUTIFUL PROJECT, so exquisitely told through this video:  

I want to thank each of the women who agreed to be in the video and blessed me with our time together.  As you all can see, we had a joyful time together being pampered, bonding on our similarities and life experiences, sharing how we felt holding up our 'I AM BEAUTIFUL' sign, and simply laughing at the things that were holding us back from embracing our unique beauty!  Each of us walked away from this day changed for the better. The memory of our time together will live on through this video and all the breathtaking images I captured.

A big “thank you” goes out to Janice Smith of  Big Dog Little Bed Productions 
for telling this story so perfectly while making the day so fun and easy! This video has blessed me tremendously, and I trust it will open hearts, speaking to every woman watching it from this day forward!  
Alison Harper & Co., thank you for helping each woman feel beautiful from the inside out!

Whether you are a grandmother, mother, daughter, sister, or best friend, this project is for you! I look forward to capturing your beauty.   To learn more about what to expect during your personal beauty session click here.

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