Saturday, July 7, 2012

Lights Out! | N. Virginia Portrait Photographer

Exactly one week ago, our family woke up with no power after a history making storm in VA.   Friday night out of no where and without any warning a wild storm came through our area, and within minutes we lost power. 

By mid-morning Saturday we realized the food in the fridge was not going to last very long.  Mind you it is our new fridge that just came after the main one died a month ago, and our smaller one in the basement died the week after.   So I had just completely filled them to the brim.   Which means we had TONS of food that was about to be lost.  If you know me at all, losing food and wasting it kills me.   Once you travel to countries where children are literally starving and adopt them from these countries, you never want to waste food, ever again!

My brilliant husband decided to make lemonade out of the lemons we were given – he offered the kids full reign over every item in the fridge.   He figured they might as well eat it all, because whatever they don’t will get thrown away.  They were allowed to eat and eat, and eat, and eat some more.    They were in heaven.   With a family this size you can’t just let children eat all day long or we would never manage to keep up with purchasing food.  

Allow me to show you some of their joy and how we made the best out of having no electricity or running water…

(all photos are sooc)





Our one daughter was thrilled with the empty the fridge idea and eat all of your favorite things (she now wants this exact meal for her birthday!)  Sure easy peasy!


Then I decided it would be fun to teach them how to play lick the whip cream off your nose!!!  HA HA HA!

Great way to keep small children busy and happy for a LONG time!  Just sayin’




These two were determined to figure it out!






No one was able to do it – but they sure had fun trying!   Oh, just in case you are wondering, they almost ate every single thing in the main fridge.  Yes, they did!  

Then it was off to the mall to stay cool, have dinner, and come home to sleep!   We had to go back to PA for the next few days because our power remained out until Tuesday night.   We drove home Wednesday and were thankful upon arrival to see the light on outside our porch that my husband left on to show him the power was truly back on Open-mouthed smile    I hope you are finding ways to have fun and enjoy the hot summer days we are all experiencing!  

Have a beautiful and blessed weekend!


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