Monday, August 27, 2012

A Call to Surrender

A new journey has begun for me and our family. 

Our oldest is now a freshman in college.

Our youngest is in her last year of preschool.

Our other children are in a new school (and loving it!).

My husband is in his second year towards a PhD degree and this year working full time, too. 

But the greatest change is how this has all effected me.

It has caused me to take a very hard look at myself, what God truly wants of me, and His call upon my life.  In one word it is to surrender to His will, His way, all the way, and right away.  No excuses.

For months now I have been praying about this season of my life and wondering what God was doing with me.

Silent for months on my blog

I was trying to hear from God and many times He remained silent too.  I desperately wanted to hear His voice.  I wanted to understand why the constant changes and how they were truly going to be for my good and His glory.   When all I felt was further away from Him and longing to find my way back to a place of peace in my life.   I wasn’t even looking for His peace anymore…I just wanted peace.  So of course that meant I was in control of the plans for my life.  Which we all know are futile.

Which brings me to this very day where I introduce my devotional blog and ask you to join me as I begin to share my call to surrender.  

The theme you will find here matches this quote by now famous pastor and encourager to live a life sold out for Christ by Francis Chan…


My story began the day He breathed life into me and called me back to Himself.  As time goes on, I will share the whispers of my heart and the depths that His love with take you.  
May this blog be a constant encouragement and inspiration to all who come to surrender it all with me!


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