Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things | Gift Giving!

If you know anything about me at all, my absolute favorite thing to do is give gifts.   For a year I gave away some of my favorite things right here on the blog (either weekly or monthly).   I love sharing things that make me smile and bring a little more joy to my life. 

My very dear and precious friend brings both a smile to my face and tons of joy into my life.   She is by far one of the biggest encouragers in my life, and personally spoke truth into my heart so that I would NOT give up on the I AM BEAUTIFUL PROJECT!  I am blessed on so many levels having her as my forever friend and sister in Christ.  

She is like me and LOVES giving gifts.  Which means all of you have an amazing opportunity to win these beautiful blank note cards she creates and one of you will win an 8x10 of the sunflower print below.  

There is nothing like capturing God’s glorious, splendid, and awesome creation to help you remember that this life is meant to be enjoyed one moment at a time! Michelle does it VERY well…

There will be three winners – one for this set of note cards:


One for this set:


One for this absolutely beautiful 8x10 print of sunflowers to always remember the glorious days of summer!



To enter, simply stop by her etsy store and come back here letting me know your favorite print or card set.  FB, Tweet, Pin it, and Google + it for five extra entries.  Share link so that I can see where you posted this give-away.

Feel free to use this code JSP10P for 10% off the order while visiting her etsy store to purchase some of your favorite things.

You can follow Michelle at and become a fan at

I will announce the winner this Friday.   I’m excited to share her talent with all of you, now help me bless her and share it with all of your friends too! 

Wishing you a beautiful and blessed day! 


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  1. Love her River City photos the night shots are always my fav but this is gorgeous:


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