Monday, August 6, 2012

Another Bump in the Road

Life has a way of taking you down roads you never expected to be on.

It has a way of leading you on unpaved territory and bumpy terrain.

Sometimes, it simply feels exhausting. 

Sometimes, it feels like the bumpy roads will never end.

Sometimes, it feels like the path will never become straight.

Sometimes, it feels like everything is going to fall apart all at once from the constant shaking of the roots of your soul.

But God.

When I feel like the bumps are too much and making me sick to my core…

He is still present, loving, patient, faithful, and waiting for me to remember…

That the very blessings I have prayed for and even been waiting for might be found along the bumpy roads I must travel.

When I can’t navigate the road ahead, I can let go knowing He is right there leading the way.

I forget that.   I lose sight of His goodness despite my circumstances and I begin to get antsy inside for peace.  But the peace I want is not the peace He is offering.  It can’t be found in my circumstances or situation.   It can only be found in Him.  

I need to be reminded over and over again through each bumpy path, that His grace is sufficient for me and He is more than enough. 

I need to let Him be that.   I need to stop resisting what He has offered and not look to find something that can’t be found outside of Him.

I am tired of the bumpy path that has been set before me the last two years.  I am in desperate need of smooth and fresh paved roads.   But until I am content in Him alone.   I have a feeling the road may never get less turbulent.  

Are you content despite your circumstances?  

Are you willing to travel the road no matter how bumpy it gets knowing He has already gone before you and it will all turn out OK?   Because He loves us and isn’t finished the good work He has begun.

Oh ye of little faith.   Faith and hope are in the unseen things.   It is impossible to please Him without faith.  

Time to be still and let Him be God – even when I can’t see the good in my circumstances I can rest in His goodness and love for me.  

Care to join in being still and counting our blessings in prayerful surrender to His will?


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