Thursday, August 9, 2012

Finding… | N. Virginia Portrait Photographer

I hope you are all enjoying the view of our time at the aquarium, as much as, I enjoy sharing it with you!

So I thought I would enjoy hearing the kids scream, “Mom look there is Nemo.”  But instead, I cracked up at their delight in finding Dorrie!  I could literally hear her voice as I watched these fish swim around behind the thick glass.   She was definitely saying in my mind, “Hey you, are you going to help us get out of here or what?”  LOL!

I’m always amazed at the detail in the tropical fish.   The colors are just BEAUTIFUL!




Come on, this is FUNNNNNY!



Then I was fascinated by these next two HUGE and UGLY fish.   I love the lighting in the first and the colors in the second.



“So, you are not going to get us out, fine!  See you later!”


Have a beautiful and blessed day friends!


PS Tomorrow I will be sharing the magical movements of jellyfish.

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