Friday, August 10, 2012

Magical Movements | N. Virginia Portrait Photographer

Who would have ever thought to call what a jellyfish does, magical?   Definitely not me until I saw them up close (through really, really, really, thick glass – just the way I like them!).

Maybe you will feel the same way after you see them through my lens…




I have no idea who this person is, but he stepped in front of me at the perfect time Open-mouthed smile


Then I noticed our daughter trying to capture this truly crazy jellyfish moving…


I have never seen jellyfish this tiny before.  Supposedly they are ONLY this small when all together in this tank…


then when they are moved to a larger tank with less jellyfish they get big again, like this...


As we left the jellyfish exhibit, I looked up to see these floating above me.


I definitely had a wonderful time seeing all the exhibits with a fresh set of eyes and capturing some new sights as well. 

This last sight was taken from the rooftop of the parking garage, and I think it was a very cool view!


Make it a beautiful and blessed weekend!


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