Sunday, September 30, 2012

Be Still SONday–Beautiful

I originally wrote this post 3/6/2011 but it is worth sharing for all of my new readers. 

Love in action is beautiful. {willing the good for another}
Laughter that is pure and joyful is beautiful.
Life full of thanksgiving is beautiful.
All that God is doing in my heart and life is beautiful!
How God sees me and you is beautiful!
I can be me with all my faults, doubts, fears, sins and He still loves me perfectly and purely for all of eternity.
Soft answers are beautiful.
Slow to speak is beautiful.
Gently carrying the heart of others is beautiful.
Training your child to love Jesus by loving Him with all that you are is beautiful.
Obedience and submission are beautiful.
Hoping in God alone is beautiful.
Looking up and not in is beautiful.
Humility is beautiful.
Letting go and letting God is beautiful.
Being entrusted with the heart of your spouse, children, friends, neighbors, etc. is beautiful.
Every moment that I look for Him in every detail of my life – beauty will be found. 
Because God’s creation and love is simply beautiful. 
All of you are beautiful!   Perfectly, fearfully and wonderfully made by the most magnificent Creator of all things and He said it was good.

Today I rejoice in His beauty!  Join me…be still and know that He is God!

NOTE:  This next section is not for compliments.  Please hold them and give God praise!
When I originally wrote this post our photography group was doing self portraits. It was one of the hardest weeks for our group to do and over 20 people did not join in because they don’t like to ever see themselves in front of the camera.   I felt bad hearing that and began to pray that God would show all of us how we look to Him –BEAUTIFUL! 

So, I decided to take another self portrait yesterday because I want to look past all the things I focus on when I look in the mirror (gray hairs, uneven skin tones, my big nose, extra large nostrils, and that the tip of my nose is crooked, lines on my face that were not there a year ago, my lack of eyelashes, etc) and see the beauty that He sees from the inside out.   You can’t see the things I’m telling you because of brightening the photo and the angle I took this shot by holding the camera above my head. I definitely know the good side of my face and before any photo is taken of me I do my best to put that side forward! 

You can see it a little bit more here in the {SOOC} straight out of the camera shot and then all is gone in B&W, which I love the older I get!


The most amazing thing is happening in our home lately – as I struggle to truly see myself as beautiful with the signs of age quickly taking over my skin and face – every single one of our children has begun to tell me almost daily how beautiful I am.  They say it at the funniest times.   But they don’t see the things I dislike about myself.  They see their mom whom they love and know they are loved by.   God is definitely using each one of them to remind me to stop looking at the small picture and look at the big picture – His love and beauty live deep within me and what they see as beautiful is Him!   Thank YOU JESUS!   I have no other words but thanksgiving to the ONE who sees past my every flaw and loves me just as I am. 

I am Jill Samter – perfectly, wonderfully, fearfully and thoughtfully made!   I am a child (daughter) of The Most High God.   It is nice to meet you!   

Whatever your reflection in the mirror is telling you today – look past it and deep within to the beauty that matters most – His love alive and well within you!    I pray you will open your eyes to see yourself as His does – BEAUTIFUL!  

Don’t let the world shape how you see yourself one more day.  Don’t compare your body, hair, eyes, nose, clothes, shoes, feet, etc to anyone else – because God made NO mistake in creating you to be you!  Wonderful.  Perfect.  Beautiful.  YOU!


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  1. I've missed your Be Still SONday posts! You always share from your heart. I love that song!

    You make some important points. It's inevitable that as we age, our faces change. I don't always like what I see in my mirror. Years of many changes begin to take their toll and it shows. But I put up a decal on the wall next to my bathroom mirror. It says "The prettiest thing you can wear is a smile." It is a good reminder for me. I focus less on all the imperfections and allow His light to shine through me to others.

    Beautiful reminder from a beautiful woman of God. Thank you Jill.

    Love you,


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