Friday, September 28, 2012

Beauty and a Clue

On the last full day of vacation, I got everyone dressed in coordinating colors and set out early for the fishing pier behind the house we were renting.   The sound was gorgeous, but we missed the true early morning light and I needed to find a bit of shade because a certain child of ours REFUSES to open his eyes for any picture if it is at all sunny outside.   Our one son literally cries during all photo sessions because the sun is in his eyes.  It is NOT pretty.   I’m lucky every year if I get two or three shots with his eyes open and him not looking like a mess from crying.  A few years in a row I’ve had to remove tears running down his face.  Yep, not pretty at all.

Since we have a few more months (thankful for that!) before Christmas and our holiday card goes out…I’m only going to share a few photos of the location and Lexi with me. 


I handed my camera over to my husband with everything set just right and he did a GREAT JOB capturing the two of us.  Too bad I didn’t have a single good hair day while in NC…but hey Lexi looks gorgeous so it works!  Open-mouthed smile


As much as I love the photo above in color, my absolute favorite is B&W…


Wishing you all a blessed and beautiful weekend!   Enjoy all the glorious weather we are having!!!!


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  1. Wonderful! Shade is great. Being light sensitive myself, I understand his pain. I don't cry... just scowl. ;) Hopefully he'll learn to cope with it someday.

    B&W is gorgeous!


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