Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Ride to Remember {Horses}

It started when she was three years old and rode a horse while on vacation in Jamaica.   She still remembers her name, “Sweetie Pie”.   A thirty minute ride on the back of Sweetie Pie has lived with her every day since.   Our daughter has been asking us for horseback riding lessons every year since her first ride, and now the timing is right!

As you will soon see, in one day her life became filled to the brim with a new love.   This time her name is “Dollie”.  

All shots are SOOC (Canon 5D Mark III, 100mm f2.8L)


The instructor (Brooke) is the sweetest woman, very encouraging and patient with our daughter.  She took our daughter out to the field to bring Dollie into the barn so she could learn how to groom the horse before riding her.   Our daughter didn’t mind one bit.  She was willing to clean stalls if asked just to be near the horses.   Open-mouthed smile 

We were both so proud of how well she did with walking up to the horses and learning how to put a lead on Dollie.  She had zero fear and joy was beaming out of her.  Brooke kept smiling and commenting how wonderful it was to be with a student so excited to begin this journey one step at a time.  



Next was into the barn to begin learning how to groom Dollie.  Oh I should mention I’m highly allergic to horses and only suffered a tiny bit after our two hours on the farm and being covered in the horses dander after she was fully groomed.  I’m very thankful that God is healing me so I can spend time with the horses more and more each week!  They are very healing to be around and just beautiful to capture.  

Step by step Brooke took our daughter through each detail of caring for a horse.   I have never seen our daughter so joyful and peaceful. 


Brooke wasn’t the only one who was super patient.  Dollie was incredible with our daughter and never fused one bit the entire time being groomed and touched by her. 

jdollie_G8A0467    jdollie_G8A0471jdollie_G8A0472jdollie_G8A0475

Before they finished putting the saddle on I captured two of my favorite shots of Dollie…



Seriously, couldn’t you just stare into her sweet eyes for a long time?

A few final adjustments then it was time for a treat.  Which Dollie loved!



Time for hugs and kisses before they went for their first ride together!



Come back tomorrow to see part two of her first riding lesson.

Until then, make it a beautiful and blessed day!


PS Please join us this month praying for our spouses and marriages.


  1. Jill, I almost cried as I read this post. I am so excited for your sweet daughter. I am amazed at how horses are such large animals and yet so sensitive. Your photos are amazing and yes I could look into those eyes for a long time.

    I spent time taking riding lessons many years ago. It was something I shared with my mother. We also learned to groom the horses and cleaned them after our lessons. I will always treasure those memories.

    I also spent time at a well known resort outside of Tucson, Arizona. My friend's mother had died and she invited me to go along with her to spend a few days of quiet. We also had time to spend with the horses that are a part of this wonderful place. Therapeutic riding is something they are known for.

    I look forward to more horse photos tomorrow.

    Love you,

  2. Oh I so love getting to be a part of her new chapter! I can so see the joy and excitement and love she has for "her" horse! I've only ridden a full size horse once, and I'd love the opportunity to do it again someday... but in the mean time, I'll live vicariously though your girl! :)



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